Prior Permission Required

The Gatton Airpark Body Corporate (GABC) will grant approval to pilots to use the airfield for private non-commercial activities based on your acceptance of the following terms and conditions. By submitting your details you accept responsibility to ensure the airstrip is suitable for use on the day and time you elect to use it. You may take into account general weather conditions, amount of rain over the preceding few days, cloud base and other criteria such as a pilot would check.

After completing this form, your details will be sent to the GABC secretary via a system-generated email. You will also receive a confirmation email approving your intended use of the airstrip. You are not approved to use the airfield unless you receive the confirmation email or approval from one of the persons listed below. If you do not receive this email within 30 minutes, please contact one of the persons listed below:

John Bridges – 0412 485 215

Heather Keeling – 0448 116 346

Steve Newing – 0416 007 788

These people are not “guaranteed to be available “.

Approval Criteria

  • I have read ERSA and confirm all circuits are to the WEST. This is to avoid overflying neighbouring residential areas.
  • CTAF 126.7 radio calls mandatory if you are radio equipped.
  • I acknowledge that overflying houses on the airfield estate is not approved.
  • I acknowledge that practice Precautionary Search and Landings are not approved.
  • I acknowledge that aerobatics overhead are not approved.
  • I agree to the storage of my aircraft registration, name and contact number in an electronic data retrieval system. I understand this information will not be shared with any external organisation to the extent permitted by law.

PPR Form

Pilot in Command(Required)
DD slash MM slash YYYY
Date of requested airfield use